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Children need to be offered many opportunities to develop their intellectual, emotional, social, creative and physical abilities through structured, semi-structured and non-structured activities and at each child’s own pace. We offer open learning to language development, music, the arts, math, science and social studies.

The children will have many opportunities to play alone, with peers and with the educators. A variety of toys, puzzles, games and equipment will be made available to the children to choose from, as well as theme centres which will be rotated on a regular basis to create new motivation. The educator will make themselves available to initiate play with the children and to communicate with them during play, but as often as possible, responding to the child’s lead. The educator will facilitate play by offering ideas and modelling appropriate play.

Les Petits Oursons preschool Kelowna Prématernelle About
Les Petits Oursons preschool Kelowna Prématernelle outdoor play

Les Petits Oursons tries to let the kids play outside nearly every day. We have a play structure, sandbox and lots of outdoor toys and vehicles in our play yard! We also have a little garden we encourage the children to be part of as well.

During the colder months we help the school raise funds by parents bringing in homemade soup for the children. In the warmer months, it’s smoothies! Les Petits Oursons loves to promote healthy eating!

We are fortunate to be connected to our neighbouring school, École de l’Anse-au-sable, a French-language elementary and secondary school. We are very privileged to be able to use their library and gym, and are also invited to many of their cultural performances! Many of our students go onto attend this school. For more information about l’École de l’Anse-au-sable, Click HERE!  

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in preschool activities and/or join the Board of Directors. We cannot run our school without a working Board.

Here are some simple ideas for the home to help you increase the effectiveness of your child’s school experience:

  • Be supportive of your child’s efforts at all times. Remember that your child’s success in the program will be affected by your attitude.
  • Be supportive of the program and its staff.
  • Encourage your child to use French at home. If you speak French, do so and read in French to your child. If you don’t speak French, you can listen to the radio in French, take your child to the library and choose French books/tapes/videos, or visit the French Cultural Centre for their family activities.